Krawczak right, no easy fix to APS woes

I appreciated Jackie Krawczak’s commentary in the 5/23/19 Alpena News. If there is one person who embodies the heart of our community and shows her tenacious commitment to Alpena, it is Jackie Krawczak. She is a role model for our community.

Her advice in that column is important: There is no one simple fix to our public schools’ many problems and anyone that thinks there is should not run for a board seat. Her admonition against simple solutions should be taken to heart by her former colleagues on the board, as well: the knee-jerk simple fix of raising taxes is never a solution to the poor planning of Alpena Public Schools, much of which was inherited by the board from their predecessors who refused to downscale efficiently despite our ever-shrinking school system. APS should not repeat past sins. While there is no one simple fix; there is one simple path to understanding the options.

When I ran international clinical research and compliance pharmaceutical departments, budgets which dwarf by far any of our Alpena governmental body or business assets, we would encounter unforeseen expenses. Timeline sensitive, my first reaction was to ask the CEO for more money. Inevitably, the CEO would charge me with first assessing all company assets and programs that could address the hurdle by reorganization or divesture of existing company assets. The community should expect that of our government: reallocation of assets and optimization of personnel and programs.

The board is likely feeling beaten down. Let’s demonstrate that, despite our desire for redirection, our community still cares, by sending donations to APS earmarked to fix the large sewer break at Alpena High School. Skip dessert at dinner this week and send your donation specific to the AHS sewer break to Alpena Public Schools, 1421 Hobbs Drive, Alpena, 49707.




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