Greed taking over in Alpena Public Schools

It is extremely embarrassing that several local entities have chosen to donate significant amounts of money toward building new turf and scoreboards for Alpena High School while a millage was just shot down to provide money for needed security and safety upgrades to Alpena Public Schools.

APS is asking for taxpayers to “donate” to this cause by paying higher taxes to provide these necessary upgrades. The recent article in The Alpena News regarding this explains that the donated money from Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union, the Parks Family Foundation, Besser Co. and Lafarge was “earmarked” for the new turf long ago.

Why isn’t our superintendent, John VanWagoner, asking these businesses to reconsider donating this money to the upgrades they were recently pushing for with voters? They were well aware this was being put up to vote “long ago.” These businesses should be quick to step forward and volunteer this money to be moved, as well. No signs of that happening.The article states that it is good advertising for these business since the logos will be placed on the turf and scoreboard. You won’t see AAACU logos on new security cameras or on the walls of a new Ella White building, therefore that money won’t be considered for these purposes? Shameful on both VanWagoner and these business. The security and education of our children should be more important than our sports field “being up to par with others around the Big North” (direct quote). Sadly, greed is taking over.




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