APS doesn’t know what ‘no’ means?

It’s too bad that those who are educating children don’t know what “NO” means, themselves. So the bonds are voted down and, for some reason, some people aren’t educated enough to understand why. They feel they need to go talk to the people that voted NO? You just can’t make this stuff up!

Here’s a clue: Just because things are going better in the country, doesn’t mean people can afford more taxes or increased property taxes. Every time things start to improve in the country, certain people feel it would be easy to increase taxes for something they want. Then have no plan “B”?

Well, if that increase had passed, it might have just taken away someone’s ability to fix their porch steps. Purchase badly needed auto repairs. Maybe fix a leak in their roof. Build a handicap ramp.

Be certain, they’ll bring it back up for another vote, because they don’t understand “NO.”


Hubbard Lake