Trade joints for Bibles, hate for love

Wake up, folks! The deafening silence of the moral majority has helped to seriously degrade America’s morality. Wrong has become right, and the foxes are now running the hen house.What must God think?

This marijuana insanity, with its iniquitous money, has mapped out our nation city by city for distribution. These visibly misguided souls are using some of our enamored politicians as their puppets to spread their poison and their pushers and users to wolf pack anyone who dares to raise responsible concerns.

Recreational marijuana is but one morality issue that parents, police, teachers and preachers are facing. In the 1950s, our society revered God, people got married rather than shack up, abortion was murder, entertainment was censored from filth, and men only married women. Today, pastors risk making people angry if they preach scriptural truths on moral absolutes. Nevertheless, they must speak out, because people need to be warned that these lifestyles are biblically wrong.

To those involved in these lifestyles, life is a vapor. Have you ever thought of how your actions affect you personally, your family or our nation? Do you really care about making a meaningful contribution to the next generation and leaving America better for your children? Have you ever considered God? If not, why not? You will never find real happiness anyplace other than at the foot of the Cross. This Easter, why don’t you reconsider all of this marijuana foolishness? Trade your joints for Bibles, your hate for love, and find a good church. There you will find people who actually care about you, and your family will garner a new respect for you. When you repent of your sins and accept Christ as your savior ,who died on the Cross for your sins, your life will change profoundly … forever.


Presque Isle


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