Supporting Harrisville’s pot sale decision

Regarding Mike Westall’s ongoing diatribe against LEGAL marijuana sales in Harrisville (April 6), the easiest thing is to take the various rants in order.

1. I don’t know who Mr. Westfall is spending time with, but the idea that “big money with its nefarious connections” is elated by Harrisville’s decision not to opt out of LEGAL marijuana sales seems odd. One would think that “big money” would have better ways to leverage its “nefarious connections” that some benign pot sales in Northeast Michigan.

2. If we’re using magazines as reliable sources, can we not use one (Imprimis) consisting almost entirely of edited transcripts of speeches delivered by conservative movement leaders at Hillsdale College-sponsored events? And can we avoid using unsupported, secondhand information in Imprimis about findings by “the [National] Academy of Medicine,” “a recent Italian psychiatric journal” study and “[a] Texas study”? If we’re just going to make things up out of whole cloth, at least be up front about it.

3. “Studies show…” is a red-flag for ad hominem ranting. It’s almost Trumpian in its disregard for verifiable fact. Provide citations or remain mute.

4. We circle back to “honor God” and “God’s church.” It’s tiresome. So don’t inhale during the homily. That marijuana wasn’t “available in biblical times” but “getting high in the Bible is spelled out” suggests an editorial choice by the compiler of the Old Testament.

5. Yes, “[p]eople use marijuana to get high.” They also drink to get high. Should we padlock bars?

6. As for “clearly extrapolat[ing]” some unnamed Bible verse to marijuana, the point of doing this escapes me.

Perhaps Mr. Westfall’s best option is to barricade himself in his home with his Bible and his prejudices, and allow Harrisville to LEGALLY sell marijuana.