An open letter to all our politicians …

I believe that it is time you really do something. I believe that it is time that you take a look at our side of issues. We are the ones that pay the taxes. We are the ones that cast the vote. We are the ones that do not give a hoot for someone else’s special interest. We are the ones that could care less about one more bureaucrat paper-pusher nesting on our hard-earned money. We could care less about our municipality being compared to another for the purpose of justifying an increase in our taxes.

Take a look at what you do on a typical day and then try to imagine that what you are doing is really significant to we who put you in your position.

Are you that far removed from being the citizen living with us in our community? Is what you are doing just going to put a burden of cost upon us? We are being inundated with all sorts of data on taxing and spending. We are tired of all the rhetoric you elected officials use in trying to justify additional taxes.

When I have an expense that puts me beyond my fixed income, I can only make a cut in something else. That is how I fix my problem. I know there are programs that have outlived their usefulness and could be demolished.

Why not have a review of all the programs?

Maybe you would just discover how vast that gulping bureaucracy really is and how comically insignificant is most of it. You can make the cuts.

Take a look. You want money to fix roads? It is there.

Quit using it for other things.

Other things should be evaluated for their “raison d’etat.”