Time to recall the Harrisville City Council

The Harrisville City Council has decided to allow commercial sales of recreational and medical marijuana in Harrisville. Have they lost their minds? To protect their communities, surrounding towns, including Alpena, Lincoln, Hillman and Rogers City, have rejected the blood money from pushing marijuana. Now these neighboring towns will be forced to pay the bill from the spillover of the Harrisville drug peddling! Irresponsible city officials who promote drugs wage an attack on our culture, our families and on the God-based morality which has been the foundation of this nation.

Legalized drugs should only be dispensed by those in the medical arena, not downtown pot shops and coffee shops. How much time has this city council taken to research the effects of marijuana on adolescents, adults and the communities in which they live? What kind of moral legacy are they leaving for the next generation?

Harrisville is a pandora’s box. Once this city council opens the doors to this plague, you won’t be able to close them. The entire area will then be forced to live with the results. There is much more to this issue than what we see because of the huge amount of money involved.

It is true that America is no longer a Norman Rockwell America, with our heads bowed at the Thanksgiving table and our churches filled on Sunday. Wrong has become right, Biblical morality and truth doesn’t matter, and good people have become silent on the issues. If that wasn’t so, America’s holocaust would not be the 60 million murdered babies that have been aborted or the anti-Biblical same-sex marriages that are now considered respectable.

Legalized drugs are a menace to our society. A city council that unanimously champions bringing this poison to our area should be unanimously … RECALLED!


Presque Isle