There’s no ‘reefer madness’ in Harrisville

I was going to respond to Mary Heimnick’s letter about coverage of the Heather Winfield case (March 23), but Mike Westfall’s “Reefer Madness” rant sucked all the air out of the room.

(One point for Ms. Heimnick: no one is ever found innocent in a criminal trial in the U.S. At best, they are found not guilty. Not the same thing).

As for Mr. Westfall, the stridency of his rhetoric is breathtaking.

Space prohibits a detailed rebuttal. Some highlights:

1. Whatever else you call it, money realized by Harrisville from the LEGAL sale of marijuana is not “blood money.” No one has been killed. No one is being paid to kill. Also, Harrisville is not “pushing” or “peddling” marijuana, but that’s for another time.

2. At the risk of beating a long-dead horse, “God-based morality” (?) hasn’t been and isn’t the “foundation” of this nation. The Constitution, by design, is agnostic. See the First Amendment and a couple hundred years of relevant Supreme Court rulings. There is no state religion.

3. “Downtown pot shops and coffee shops?” You’re saying I’ll be able to get a hash brownie to go with my latte at Bigby’s? Regardless, a dispensary is not a “pot shop,” except in the mind of an alarmist.

4. Mr. Westfall doesn’t understand the myth of Pandora’s box (a Google search could have solved this). And, LEGAL sale of marijuana is not plague. Ask Colorado and elsewhere.

5. “America’s holocaust?” No matter the topic, it always devolves to abortion and marriage equality. As, in the past, it devolved to communists and immigrants. It’s wearying.

In closing, I’d heard that marijuana was a gateway drug, but I thought they meant to smack.

I didn’t realize it was a gateway to constitutionally-protected rights.

Sign me up for a year’s worth of lids.