Harrisville is not pushing marijuana

Mr. Westfall, in his letter to the editor (March 23), starts out by condemning a forward-thinking bunch of folks about the marijuana issue. “Blood money?” “Pushing marijuana?” Haven’t heard anybody refer to “pushing” since Steppenwolf. At least he acknowledges the medicinal benefits of the plant (to which I can personally attest — from chemo). Harrisville should and are commended for seeing the benefit to their community. I’m guessin about EVERY business is going to benefit from increased visits to that little town. Then the little town, with a terrific harbor already, can plan to invite and entice more visitors to come. The rest of the area will just have to stay on the course guided by mostly old-money with a lot of alcohol interests. Seemed a little odd that the ending of his pot-beef had to do with “murdered babies” and homosexuality.

Finally, Mr. Westfall, tomatoes were once considered poisonous.




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