From an immigrant: Border wall is needed

I am an immigrant, now a U.S. citizen. It was a long time ago and somewhat arduous process to obtain my green card and be allowed entry to this county, and to be called an immigrant. Now, I find out all I had to do was to sneak across the border and I am home free, no muss, no fuss.

I am no longer referred to as an illegal alien, but as a legitimate immigrant. I keep hearing that the vast majority of the illegal aliens are honest, law-abiding citizens. WRONG. Every one of them became lawbreakers when they entered this county illegally. Thus they showed utter contempt for our legal system. Who informed them this was acceptable?

I had to have an occupation in demand in the U.S. and I had to have a job waiting for me. I had to have and prove that I did not have a criminal record. I had to prove I was in good health.

I did not feel that any of this was an imposition on me to enter this country, so why do so many people and so many in our government feel it is such an imposition on them? President Donald Trump is right that our borders are being assaulted by these people as they gather in great numbers to charge our borders to gain entry. This is not something spontaneous. These are planned assaults and I agree with him that the only way to stop this is a physical barrier that is patrolled by border agents, and a quick return to their point of origin until they follow the approved procedure to gain entry.


Hubbard Lake