We each must share the good, bad, ugly

How long are we going to have to put up with no government? Many who work for our government are not getting paid, this should include Congress and their expenses, too.

Our country has been cut adrift by one man and his followers. There is one rule, not written down any place, but it is the base of all our government. National, state, county, city and township, they all must be governed by this rule: “For the well being of ALL!”

Our country was set free from King George and now we all have to rule ourselves. This put a big load on each of us. We must learn about a lot of things and it is not easy. Each of us must take part to do this job, we need healthy and well-educated citizens. Each generation must build on those who went before. We have come a long ways, but much lies ahead to do. We each must share the good, bad and ugly. No one is unimportant, we must not spend money we do not have.