In response to letter on gov’t shutdown

This is in response to the letter titled “Don’t be misled about government shut down,” published Feb. 2.

I will agree on one point with the writer, “the sole purpose was politics.” Yes indeed, the Democratic Party has placed politics far above the welfare of the American people. Interestingly, these same democrats, prior to Donald Trump, voted for both a wall and border security at levels far greater than the $5.7 billion Trump has requested.

The unfortunate temporary layoff of 800,000 government workers (who will receive back pay) was equally the responsibility of both parties. Our president naively bet the welfare of the American people would drive bipartisan support for the wall. Our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, all know walls work and will curtail the rampant flow of drugs, criminals, and those whose intent is not for the good of the American people. Additionally, the American taxpayer is saddled with the cost for food, shelter, medical and educational expenses for those who break our laws and enter our country illegally.

Yes, “the sole purpose was politics,” and the Donald Trump hatred syndrome will cause otherwise rational folks to forfeit their duty to uphold our constitution and the rule of law, both of which they pledged to support.

It’s so unfortunate that those who are elected to serve the people of this great nation will turn their back when an issue doesn’t fit their progressive ideology and support for their never-satisfied quest for power.




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