Abortion laws show morality of Democrats

If anyone questioned the moral fiber of the Democratic Party, their recent actions and votes should give the answer.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made it legal for abortion for anytime of pregnancy, even in the ninth month. The idea of killing an unborn baby was so exhilarating, Cuomo and the legislators that its passing was not only cheered and applauded by them, Cuomo lit up the World Trade Center Tower with pink lights. Was that to celebrate the deaths of female babies? The new law also allows nurses, midwives and physician assistants to perform an abortion at any point up to birth.

But the Democrats in Virginia were not to be left behind in the contest to the bottom of the barrel for decadence. Democrat Kathy Tran not only wants abortion available through nine months of pregnancy, but also even while the mother is dilated and about to give birth.

What happens to a baby who happens to be born during an attempted abortion? Do medical professionals live up to their oaths of “do no harm” after their efforts to kill what has been born?

What do you think?

If anyone has the stomach, watch or read how the unborn baby is killed to complete the abortion, then proudly proclaim your support for abortion.




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