Shutdown is all about Dems’ politics

Don’t be misled by the chaos that is going on in the government shutdown. There is but one reason and one reason only that this obstruction is going on. It has nothing to do with illegal immigration, threats to our nation, who is right and who is wrong, or do we need the wall or the money to build the wall.

The sole purpose behind this is politics. The Dems are not going to put another feather in the president’s hat and allow him to fill a much-needed campaign promise.

It’s a little less than two years to reelection time and they will hold their breath and obstruct at all costs to obtain their goal.

Putting the welfare of 800,000 federal employees in dire straits and turning their backs on the nation’s needs is of little concern. JUST DON’T LET DONALD GET ANOTHER FEATHER– politics at its worst.