Please, take seizures in dogs seriously

A local family in Alpena is devastated this week after being told by multiple vets that seizures are not fatal to dogs.

The family called the early morning of Jan. 2 after their young dog, Keno age 2, had five seizures.

The on-call doctor seemed unconcerned and said the seizures were not fatal in dogs. He told the family to give him keppra 750 milligrams, to later find out it is the wrong dosage.

The family was also told not to bring in Keno. Keno’s seizures did not go away, only lessened. The behavior was erratic and the muscle spasms continued. This young puppy, only two years spent in life, was taken to a different veterinarian clinic after he had more violent seizures, where he passed away.

The worst part for this Alpena family was finding out that they were lied to, seizures are deadly and, had the vets had not have given wrong information, this family would not be missing a member.

This family came to love Keno and to them he was a part of there family, but to their other puppy, 4-year-old Maggy, he was the world. She can now be found roaming the house and yard, looking for little Keno. This type of trauma on the entire family is outrageous, considering it could have been avoided.

The family said they wanted to educate others about the dangers of seizures in dogs. Maybe this can help others keep their whole family.