Stamas, Allor lead ‘shame duck’ session

State Sen. Jim Stamas and state Rep. Sue Allor should be ashamed of themselves.

Just when we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief after yet another contentious and divisive election, Stamas and Allor, not liking the statewide outcome, are colluding with their GOP peers to destroy what little is left of our voting rights and democracy.

Their lame-duck power grab aims to gut the three ballot proposals just approved by an overwhelming majority of Michigan voters. All three are facing a death by a thousand cuts.

Not stopping there, Republicans are jamming through bills to create a new education commission to codify Betsy DeVos’ failed education policies, gut laws raising minimum wage and paid sick leave, deregulate wetlands protection, loosen rules for cleaning toxic sites, remove power over campaign finance regulation from the Secretary of State’s office, and deny the next administration and the public from having a say in whether the aged oil pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac, known as Line 5, should be shut down.

How crazy is this Republican-controlled lame duck session? The GOP even introduced a bill to stop local communities from banning the sale of puppies that come from puppy mills! It’s no wonder it’s being called Michigan’s “Shame Duck” session. And Stamas and Allor are shamelessly leading the way.




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