Gov. Snyder, voters have spoken; listen

Gov. Snyder,

I read that you will decide the fate of the lame-duck bills passed by the Republican majority based on what you perceive are the wishes of the citizens of Michigan.

I hope that is true.

With this last election, voters told you they want change.

Hear them. Let that be your legacy.

Citizens voted in a new governor, attorney general and secretary of state. If there needs to be changes to these officials’ duties, they should come from them, using their ideas, the ones that got them elected. Changing these executive’s powers, prior to being installed, is manipulation of the citizens’ wishes.

Because citizens perceived that our voting districts and regulations were outdated and used to benefit one party over the other, citizens rose up, using their own money and energy to pass Proposals 2 and 3. Both Republicans and Democrats supported these proposals and they passed overwhelmingly. These nonpartisan proposals represent a move towards more inclusive democracy in Michigan. Any laws used to change these proposals would signal that you don’t see the importance of the citizen’s combined voices — OR democracy.

Michigan’s future is tied to our environment and tourist industry. Bills have been floated to favor industry and more deregulation, imperiling our waterways and tourist spots. You were elected by promising a better future for all Michiganders. Many have been left out while corporations have benefited.

There are other bills designed to keep the powers that be in power and allow the rich to buy the government they want. Didn’t this last election say citizens want government that works for them?

You have proven in the past that you will stand against party politics, an admirable and democratic approach. Please let your legacy be doing that again at this critical time. Many are watching.


Alcona Township


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