Culture should not trump laws or victims

One of our greatest flaws in our system of Democracy is the denial of responsibility of any matter by authorities spreading it. I am referring to the story about a Detroit federal judge dismissing charges against eight people, including two doctors, in the genital mutilation of nine girls, with one as young as 7 years old.

What is this medical system and country coming to? Shall we go back to bear grease and snake oil? N? How about voodoo? What is the medical objective of this mutilation about? Since when do we allow people from backward, third-world countries impose their religion, customs, and traditions on us?

In a more ludicrous matter, a French court acquitted a refugee from Bangladesh for the rape of a high school girl. The defense argued that the immigrant had “different cultural norms.” His female victim attempted suicide. The only way I can decipher this travesty is the court ruled that, since the immigrant came from a country where rape and chaos is the order of the day, and women are nothing but game, therefore, he was accustomed to that way of life and it’s not his fault.

Now, if that’s law in France, and if Jesse James were alive today, and held up trains and banks in France, which he was notorious for in the Midwest, a “different cultural normals” would apply to him in France, and he may get acquitted! The news is saturated daily with rape, stabbings, robberies, etc., throughout Western Europe, and mainly from so-called refugees.

President Donald Trump is correct in keeping the unknown out. Rush Limbaugh said that liberals are not only a danger to themselves, but to everybody and everything around them. A patriot once said that “as the potato bug destroys the potato, the liberal will destroy civilization.”