Alpena Twp, don’t reject pot businesses

Alpena Township’s Board of Trustees is going to vote on whether Alpena will allow recreational marijuana businesses in the township. Rogers City already turned it down (803 nays, 544 yeas). Alpena Township voted 2,342 nays, 2,015 yeas. Supervisor Nathan Skibbe already said to the board, “We have as an entity only one option, and that is to opt out, if the board so desires.”

The decision is set for Dec 17. Factors cited in the Nov. 17 Alpena News article are that the people have spoken what they want, and allowance will present further burdens for correctional facilities and officers. Alcohol and marijuana produce opposite patterns of impairment. Alcohol reduces inhibitions, while marijuana creates more caution from an increased awareness that they are impaired. “The Effect of Cannabis Compared with Alcohol on Driving” supports this finding and more. I would hope Nathan Skibbe, along with our Board of Trustees, would want to support action that may reduce our town’s drinking and driving violators.

Additionally, people are still going to buy marijuana, and Alpena could be getting that money if the board votes yes. What about increased tourisim this might bring? Besides the new business with sales of cannabis, by bringing people from surrounding areas, couldn’t it also bring other businesses more enterprise? Alpena could be the leader here. Put it on the outskirts of town. If Alpena votes yes, we will get tax money for our schools and roads, for which we need funding. With the other townships voting no and turning down the tax money, we would get proportionally more, than when they eventually opt yes. I would like to see Alpena grow, add businesses, and increase tourism since we are a tourist town; 327 votes will keep Alpena from becoming a county leader and raking in the dough?




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