We need a Green New Deal for the environment

I am a person worried about climate change.

As a parent and grandmother, I fear for what my children and grandchildren will have to face because we are too set in our ways to do what needs to be done to save our planet for future generations.

We need to look at renewable sources of energy, like wind and solar. The top producers of wind power are Republican states, with Texas as the top producer. If they are doing it, then why are we not, also? I support Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s resolution to create a House Select Committee for a Green New Deal in Congress.

The United Nations’ climate scientists tell us we have just 12 years to move our country off fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic climate disaster. We are not immune from fires like they are having in California. We need a Green New Deal to create millions of green jobs, move our country off fossil fuels, and protect working people of all backgrounds.

Congressmembers should support the resolution. I sure hope ours is going to back this important resolution.


Presque Isle