Have we considered everything we have?

A few years back, we had a restructuring of the Alpena County elementary schools’ distribution of students, which lead to some schools being closed and sitting empty. Now, we have concerns over Ella White Elementary School being old and in need of a major overhaul, which brought about the conclusion that it would be cheaper to rebuild, and then redesign the layout, because parking has always been a problem. The news article stated that, if the school was to be rebuilt, it would have a second floor (probably to accommodate the parking lot).

I’m just wondering, have our school officials considered Sunset School?

It’s just a mile down the road, so it wouldn’t create a great logistics problem. It’s a younger school, easier to upgrade. It sits on a large plot of land, which would allow for all the necessary parking without a big redesign. Necessary expansions could be made laterally and would avoid the issues that come with a second story, such as an elevator to maintain and handicapped children being trapped on the second floor in the case of elevator malfunction or fire.

As Sunset School sits empty, it’s hard to believe that our school leaders would actually consider pouring money into Ella White or her location. Why wouldn’t we use what we already have and make better use of our tax dollars?