Write me in to continue good work on our roads

This letter is in reference to Julie Goldberg’s article, “Township and city voters head to the polls,” where some of the candidates for Allis Township supervisor were interviewed. I would like to crrect the facts as stated by candidate Bob Anderson that the township’s roads are deteriorated and there is a lack of communication.

Here are the facts.

I am Cliff Tollini, a write-in candidate for reelection to the Allis Township supervisor, a position which I have held since 2004.

Since then, I have represented Allis Township at the Presque Isle County Road Commission meetings. Since then, our working relationship has gone from being non-existent to fully engaged.

PICRC has 700 miles of roads to maintain in our county and, since 2003, their state transportation funding has not met increasing costs of road maintenance.

In 2004, Allis Township purchased $40,000 of gravel for our roads. In 2013, we partnered with PICRC and the Michigan Department of Transportation to fund a $2.7 million improvement to the portion of the high-wire corridor that goes through our township. Most recently, we have invested $118,000 to purchase road gravel that we have placed on our local township roads, which includes the road Mr. Anderson lives on.

We are currently stockpiling 5,000 tons of road gravel to continue local road improvements.

All this was done within our budget and with no road millages levied the constituents. This is just part of the improvements our board has made in our township during my tenure.

I am petition my constituents to come out and vote Nov. 6, writing my name in for supervisor on their ballots, so I and the township board can continue to serve them.


Allis Township supervisor


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