Just what is happening to our democracy?

I’m not wanting to sound crazed, but I’m feeling that way! I’ll try to just state what I feel. I’m worried sick about our common wealth, the buttresses of democracy being stolen from us piecemeal! Our natural parks, historic sites, public lands, public schools, transit systems, and now … the United States Postal Service … our post offices? All of those services energizing, giving to democracy, connecting all of us, you and me, to our community, our nation and our world.

Privatizing is what President Donald Trump is doing to so much that is necessary for our democracy … allowing those in power (meaning Trump) to take over and run each as a business for profit is blasphemy!

Brett Kavanaugh’s out of control performance in response to Dr. Blasey Ford alone, plus the limited FBI investigation (never contacting Dr. Ford) should make his appointment void.