Allor is bought by people outside the 106th

With the law change in Lansing that further unleashes political action committees, I was curious about their impact here in the 106th state House District. Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money “donated” by corporations, individuals and associations to influence elections (House Bills 335-336).

What follows is so disturbing! In the past three years, state Rep. Sue Allor, who voted yes on the above legislation, has taken $293,000 to finance her campaigns. Of the 305 contributions made, PACs from out of our district gave 167 times.

Take away the $63,000 she gave herself and we find 98 percent of the money Allor has taken came from outside our district — from PACs and the DeVos family. These PACs from southern and eastern Michigan must be getting what they want, or they wouldn’t keep buying her vote.

What’s left: Folks in our district gave a mere 2 percent to Allor. We only have $6,000 worth of influence on our current representative.

Sadly, her voting record demonstrates our powerlessness (check out or–Allor).

Allor talks a good game, but her actions scream the truth of our lives. As our population and wages decline and our unemployment rises, she has spent the last two years attacking workers, small businesses, families and quality education.

An unsafe Line 5, PFAS contamination, 8 percent unemployment, and rising poverty levels are not enough to move Allor to act for us. Enough is enough!

We deserve better. We deserve someone who will fight for us in the 106th!

Please vote Tuesday, Nov. 6 for Lora Greene!