Headlee override will not fix mismanagement

Alcona County’s negative approach to financial crisis should not scare voters into passing a Headlee override.

Threats of job loss, reducing this and that, should be replaced with a “Positive $800,000 Plan.” Voters need to be informed of what is or is not happening within Alcona County government.

Published agendas and board minutes will inform and promote transparency. Plans to reduce patrols should not be a problem as we have an active Michigan State Police field office in Lincoln, two State Police officers residing in county, plus Michigan Department of Natural Resources officers, all being fully mobile and equipped for emergency response, plus HUNT Patrol duties need reviewing for frivolous responsibility; or those mandated to other agencies.

Recent resource officer plan was to hire a full-time officer with school funding two-thirds –now we have none! “Scare”! “Scare”! Reduction of services at Veterans Affairs Office: If you reduce nothing, do you have minus-nothing? County commissioners made their feelings toward veterans known when they relocated the VA Office to a remote annex building. Alcona has a large population of veterans. Support them and they will support you.

Building cleanliness should be performed by court-ordered community service. “Special perks,” unearned health insurance, etc., should be reviewed and abolished. What happens to profits from tax foreclosure sales? How many tax-exempt properties are legitimate? Booming real estate sales and values increase property tax revenue. Patrol car mileage limits should be increased before liquidation. Sheriff and undersheriff should return their personal police cars to fleet and they drive “excessive mileage” vehicles.

Encourage public participation in government meetings, reporting crimes, accidents, and/or potential county problems. Then say, “Thanks.” Appreciation goes two ways, they may be your next “yes” vote. Government transparency and credibility must be improved before next millage request!