Veterans office helps vets and community

I am writing today to urge all voters to support and approve the millage renewal (with slight increase) of the Alpena County Veterans Office. The benefit produced by this small, two-man operation is by far a huge plus for the entire county. Not only is the local veteran and their family provided a professional service, but the county as a whole receives a very large financial gain.

Our representatives are certified and accredited, a long and complicated process which requires twice-yearly renewal. However, that training assures the local veteran a professional representation for making claims and seeking assistance through the federal government. Often, the claims result in a financial award given to the veteran.

So, not only does our local veteran and his immediate family benefit, but the community, as well.

Presently, there are 2,700 veterans in Alpena County who receive various VA benefits which totaled over $19 million in 2017, brought into this county by a small, dedicated, two-man office supported by our local millage. It is in the interest of the entire community of Alpena to support and renew Proposal No. 3, for the Alpena County Veterans Office. It is good for our veterans, it is good for the community.