There is no winner in the water dispute

As a township resident with water and sewer services, I could not believe the $803,000 attorney and expert fees reported in the Alpena News today. For the past four years we have paid double for water and sewer in anticipation of “winning” the lawsuit against the city. There is no “winner” in this case. We have already paid out the money owed to the city in legal expenses, with no solution in sight.

Every month, interest and late fees are added to the bill we owe the city. Face it folks: Our water and sewer bills will never go down.

When this is all over, we are going to pay even more to cover the cost of the mess made by our former board and supervisor and continued with our present board and supervisor. My suggestion would be to give our water and sewer system to the city, with the agreement that township residents would pay the same rates as city residents. It would solve our conflict, save us a lot of money, and possibly keep the township from years of debt. It would be a start at working together for the good of the city and township.