Alpena comes to the aid of visiting couple

My husband and I recently visited Alpena as part of his birthday celebration. The festivities did not turn out as we had planned. While waiting for our meal at a local restaurant, my husband experienced a medical episode that resulted in an ambulance trip to the local hospital. Thankfully, he is doing well and has not experienced any further medical complications.

The reason for this letter is to express our appreciation to the many people, both named and unnamed, who were involved in our experience: the kind ladies and gentleman at the restaurant who came to our aid, offering prayers and hugs and words of encouragement; the first responders and EMTs who arrived so promptly; Ryan, who drove me to the hospital; Janae and the emergency team for their care and watchfulness; Chris, Bill and Cindy in the ICU; Nicole; Dr. Smith and the doctors who consulted to determine my husband’s best care. If your name was not mentioned specifically, you were no less a part of our prayers of thankfulness to God as we rode out this ordeal. You offered comfort and encouragement to us in a challenging and scary time.

You were the hands and feet of Jesus to us in a town far from home and in ways that were truly appreciated. Your kindness will not be forgotten.