Unions important part of making US great

Michigan is a right to work state. This is the start of a plot to undo all Unions in America. The main object of a Union is a contract that outlines the terms of employment. This is about as American as it can be. We have a contract when we borrow money, but a car, get insurance, buy a home, or rent one, with harsh treatment, when we miss a payment. The most important thing about our life is the value of our work. The value of America is the value of our work. The eight hour day and 40 hour week and 50 weeks per year, was the foundation for a good life. When work is steady, is when we have a good economy. Money is a big part of a contract and labor must not be too greedy, as well as the rest of us. A steady worker gets better at his job and this gives him or her pride in what they do. A good work, with a good Union contract, makes a good citizen, who has time to serve in his or her Government in many ways. We have a lot of big jobs coming up in Alpena, jail, airport and hospital Let’s hope they go Union, with people who know all about what they are doing.

Kenneth L. Oke