Too many questions about Alcona decision

On May 19, the Alpena News ran an article that the Alcona School Board had granted Consumers Power an easement along the south side of the school property. I felt I should make people aware of some of the specifics of this decision that I find concerning. 1) This is an 80 foot easement which will put the overhead wires within the fall-line of the school building. 2) For 60 years school boards have come and gone, all have maintained the park like school yard under the large pines Ray Adair preserved on his farm property. His property was offered to the county to build this school. Chances are a third of these trees will be lost. 3) This will be a transmission line along the entire south side of the school property. Imagine the fine view as you approach from Harrisville. 4) Superintendent O’Connor stated “a good working relationship with Consumers”; I’m not sure what that means. The school is a customer just like everyone else, unless he is referring to the cut-rate utility bill the school receives or Consumer’s near monopoly the voters approved several years ago. 5) On a proposed right of way, I wonder whether the school questioned other options. It seems like if this was the only option the school board should have been looking out for the taxpayers, demanding a better deal. It’s not like they’d be losing property value like everyone else on the right of way. Instead the quote from O’Connor “every little bit helps” makes it sound like they a rabbit chasing a carrot on a stick. If Consumer’s current plan comes to pass, remember the view of our school as it is now. If nothing else we will have more posts to staple our garage sale signs on.

Martin Carpenter