Someone needs to ask what Jesus would do

WWJD Do you know what those four capital letters stand for? Christians do. Those letters were placed on wrist bands as a reminder when you were faced with a dilemma. WWJD What would Jesus do with the children at the border? The cruel, immoral, damaging Trump policy promoted by a smug, better than thou liar, is nothing short of disgraceful. A billionaire with everything call the poorest immigrants an infestation. WWJD

Jeff Sessions, who quoted scripture that also used to condone slavery and the atrocities of Germany, reminded me of a quote from Shakespeare. “The devil can quote scripture to bend to his will”. Remember that.

The Republican party will protect a baby in the womb fiercely. Let that baby take its first breath and have a medical problem and what do they do? Deny healthcare. WWJD

Did you know Trump’s new best friend in Korea has ordered naked, pregnant women to dance on tables until they collapse. Does that sound like an honorable man?

My dad, Raymond J. Kaiser, was a radio operator on a B 17 during WWII. The army corps policy of flying 34 successful missions was a challenging goal. On his 33rd mission, my dad’s plane the “Near Sided Robin” was heavily damaged. With the guidance of another pilot, they landed in Sweden and the crew interred for the remainder of the war. His parents received the dreaded MIA letter. He flew for our fragile freedoms, not Trump’s policy.

And don’t give Melania credit for going to the border wearing a jacket with the words, “I don’t care, do u? Her jacket speaks volumes. WWJD-WWJ Say? I care.

Kathy Shiemke