Outcry about illegal immigrant children wrong

When an immigrant from Central America crosses our southern border illegally, he/she is breaking the law. Even if he/she brings children with them, they are lawbreakers. Yet left-wing liberals and the media are whining and complaining that when they are arrested. They are being separated from the children. They should have considered that before breaking immigration law.

If a legal citizen is pulled over for drunk driving with little children in the car, will he/she not be separated from his/her children when arrested, handcuffed and taken to jail? They should have considered that possibility before driving drunk. Where is the whining for the welfare of these children?

If a legal citizen is running a meth lab, and the federal officers come to his house in the middle of the night with a warrant, and arrest him on felony drug charges, will he not be separated from his children? They have to witness their dad being hauled off in handcuffs. That father should have considered this children before he started running a meth lab in his home.

What about the men and women in uniform who leave every day for Afghanistan or or some other area of combat? They are putting their lives on the every day. They are separated from their children for months and years at a time. And possibly, they may be separated from their children forever. Where is the concern in the media for the children of men and women in combat?

It’s hypocrisy. I contend that the left-wing liberals and media don’t really care about any of these children, not even the illegal immigrant children. They just want open borders, and their motive is obvious to right-wing conservatives — demographics.

Sharon Crocker