It’s time to bring back some decency, civility

I am mad. I am fed up with the media. We watched the interview in the Oval Office on Wednesday. While our reporters are covering every nuance of the Oval Office, who is minding the farm? What are other elected people doing? Anything worthwhile like a budget?

If someone is delivered a document 1-1/2 foot high and told read and sign it in six hours or we shut the place down. Is this serving the electors? The blasted document was so full of pork it should have slid off the desk. Shame.

Our “fifth estate” is responsible for hate being acted out in our country today. By twisting what was said, the media is aiding and abetting it. I am so sick of the lack of honest news coverage. (Journalism 101: “reporters are neutral.”) We haven’t seen much unbiased news in 20 years. Enough, We have slid so far down into yellow journalism that the National Enquirer is beginning to look good.

I am also fed up with rudeness and calling people by their last names. I don’t care if you are President of the hog caller’s society. You are fulfilling a duty and you deserve the respect for stepping up to do it.

Our media began dropping titles “to save space,” Not. If we do not maintain respect, we shall not be treated with respect. And don’t give me that garbage about “Trump does not deserve …” I am speaking about every one of us. When we as adults spew garbage like we were rejects from a reform school, we are setting the example. We must retrench. Go back and pick up the broken pieces of courtesy, decency and, dignity. We have to Our future depends on it.

Kathleen Melville-Hall