Colbeck is a man of principle for Michigan

Sen. Patrick Colbeck who is running for Governor came to Cabin Creek Coffee in Alpena for a Meet and Greet. A firestorm broke out in Michigan in the Media regarding his comments made about the threat of Islam (Muslim Brotherhood) in our state. It made national news. The record needs to be set straight as Sen. Colbeck hates no one. Dr. El-Sayed (Democratic Candidate for Governor — Dearborn) accused Colbeck as a Trump white racist bigot. Colbeck’s statements were taken out of context. He is a man of conviction and principle who will stand against liberal/socialist and Islamic ideology. Many do not understand the underlying mission of the Muslim Brotherhood and MSA’S on our universities. Sen. Colbeck is making a stand for Michigan to be safe.

Colbeck explained the reality of “Civilization Jihad.” Look at England and Germany and what is presently taking place. He is not targeting individuals but instead a destructive ideology that will destroy American culture. He will not allow Michigan to be a “Sanctuary State.” In fairness he pointed out the error of the Westboro Baptist group at military funerals. In doing this he was not condemning Christians but pointing out there error.

As a former NASA engineer he will bring principled solutions (www.PrincipledsolutionsforMI.com) to fix roads, end state income tax, strengthen small business, uphold the U.S. Constitution, fight for Religious freedom, end Senior Citizen pension tax and is the strongest pro-life and Sanctity of marriage candidate in the pool for Governor. Those who attended on April 26 at Cabin Creek were impressed with his analytical approach to problems we are facing in Michigan. This next Governor election in Michigan is critical. Vote Colbeck for Governor.

Rick Warzywak


MI Oak Initiative

NE MI Regional Coordinator –

Colbeck for Governor