Central dispatch ready to help when needed

My letter is in reference to the article published in the Alpena News on Thursday, May 17, 2018, entitled “Emergency 911 technology struggles to keep up with the times.” My intent is to inform the citizens of Alpena County that the Alpena County Central Dispatch has the capability to receive voice and text notifications when calling 911. Voice calls are always the preferred method however text messaging is a viable option to contact 911 in an emergency situation. Additionally, Alpena County residents can register, free of charge, to Smart911 at www.smart911.com to provide dispatchers and first responders with critical supplemental data that is displayed automatically to the 911 dispatcher handling the call. The ACCD (911 Center) Dispatchers are highly trained professional telecommunicators, available 24/7, to assist citizens in their time of need.

Burt Francisco

Alpena County Emergency Services Coordinator