Plow truck drivers deserve our appreciation

I witnessed an act of kindness today that made me proud to be a member of our Alpena community and compels me to share with every citizen. At around 11:50 a.m. on the 18th, a neighbor of mine became stuck in her driveway. Even six days after the major storm we all endured, it’s impact is still being felt. At the same time, one of the city plows rounded the corner, slowed down, and then parked. This gentleman leaped from his rig with shovel in hand and proceeded to start digging around the car. Within five minutes another plow truck arrived and that gent began pushing the front of the vehicle to free it. In no time at all the resident was freed and exchanged thank yous I’m certain. Amazing right? Now take into consideration these crews have been working for the past six days to rid the roads of ice and heavy snow around the clock so we can all go about our business and lives safely. They must be exhausted and still took the time to go the extra mile for one of us in need. I do not know who the two snow warriors are, but I would like them to know they didn’t just help a single person that day, they helped all of us by example.

One last thought. As a community we pay taxes for the work these guys do and they deserve every penny. What about setting up a donation program with a box or boxes at our local markets (accessible by all residents) for people to drop a dollar or even a dime towards an end of winter season party for them? They can get some beers, pizza, steaks, etc., and enjoy themselves knowing they are appreciated for a job well done.

Steven VanAernem