There are conveniences Alpena still needs

I will agree with whoever says that we don’t want Alpena/Ossineke to become Traverse City, but driving by the abandoned Dunkin’ Donuts store, especially following a recent trip to that Other Town on the West Side of the State, makes me wonder why we do not, or perhaps cannot (for unexplained reasons) have certain, let’s call them, conveniences. Such as an operating Dunkin’ Donuts franchise, or a donut store of any kind. One wonders where the police officers congregate in their spare time. Such as a full service, fully stocked produce market/farm stand; not a farmers’ market, but a farm stand like Cherry Street Market in Kalkaska (that thriving megalopolis). Such as a branch of Chase Bank, also in Kalkaska. We have the big lake and the Besser Museum and the Thunder Bay boat tours, and generally friendly people. Think of how wonderful it would be to be able to find fresh donuts, or a wide selection of fresh produce and homemade preserves, or someplace to deposit a check if you don’t happen to bank with First Federal or Chemical. I’m still relatively new to the area, but this doesn’t seem like a lot to ask.

Clyde A. Shuman



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