Why were accused listed as former AHS athletes?

Like many readers of the Alpena News, I’m wondering why the writer focused on the fact that the two accused men were “former Alpena High School athletes.” The multiple criminal sexual conduct charges are alarming and disgusting and the penalties they may face are life altering as they should be if found guilty. However, why did the writer choose to sensationalize the fact that the accused were former athletes during the High School days? What does this have to do with the charges? Would he mention if they were members of the Marching Band of French Club? Did he investigate where they worked or identify their favorite TV show? He clearly chose to impugn the fact that they were former athletes at Alpena High School. The opening paragraph has nothing to do with the accused crime as they were not involved in a school or team function during July of 2016. Their past involvement in athletics at Alpena High School has no relation with these horrendous charges. Crimes such as these are unfortunately a societal problem, not a byproduct of playing sports in high school Our focus and attention should be on providing support for victims, handing out justice to perpetrators, and properly supervising and educating teenagers and young adults to help prevent these events from occurring.

Tim Storch

Alpena High School

Athletic Director


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