Doesn’t agree with date of ancient fish remains

I would like to challenge the time reference (350 million years) that appeared in the Alpena News article on April 27, 2017, entitled “Removal of ancient fish remains planned.” The consistent, accurate dating of fossils does not exist with our current methods of analysis; therefore, we must consider other evidence.

The reason I am raising this question is because there is evidence now available to disprove the notion or paradigm that a Big Bang explosion designed and organized all that exists and functions in this world today.

A paradigm is a standard, perspective, or set of ideas. Two paradigms exist in the explaining of our earth’s origin with the dating of fossils. The Creation, six-day Biblical, God-designed paradigm of earth’s origin is one; the other is the Evolutionary chance happening, no God, long periods of time paradigm of earth’s origin.

Both paradigms are beliefs, and thus qualify as a religion. If science is to be totally objective, it must give consideration to both paradigms. Each paradigm has the same facts to be observed in the natural world; however, each sees the earth’s history differently. The challenge is to be knowledgeable of both paradigms.

Some scientists are unwilling to even look at the facts objectively, let alone consider any other option besides a “chance happening” evolutionary paradigm. The assumptions that must be made to accept the evolutionary paradigm are far beyond reason and have been disproved with the modern scientific analysis available today.

Some of the sources that disprove evolutionary thought include: Creationmoments.com, ICR.org, Answersingenesis.org, LSI.org, the DVD “Is Genesis History?” and many more. Do not be afraid to look at evidence disproving evolution.

Marlin Goebel



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