Grateful to the donor who saved Immanuel lunch

An anonymous donor stepped up to make sure the kids at Immanuel Lutheran School could have fresh lunch for the remainder of the school year.

We’re grateful to whomever it was who stepped forward.

Whoever you are, thank you. Your generosity will make a real difference in the final days of this school year, keeping kids fed so they can concentrate on their academics.

Immanuel announced last Wednesday in an email to parents that it would no longer be able to offer lunches for the remainder of the school year (June 7 is the school’s last day) and its lunch staff would be laid off. The school said it had run out of the federal funds that cover the cost of lunch and lunch staff because of the rising cost of groceries.

On Thursday, however, the school sent another email saying an anonymous donor had stepped forward and fresh meals would be delivered daily.

We understand rising costs can force tough decisions. We’re all going through that as the cost of groceries, gas, and everything else rises with inflation.

However, we think Immanuel officials should have planned better to accommodate those higher costs. We don’t know what the answer might have been, but Immanuel officials should have seen the higher costs and known the funds would run dry sooner than expected and come up with some alternatives — be it tapping other funds, changing the grocery list, or some other means — to keep lunches in front of kids for the entirety of the school year.

Immanuel families pay tuition to the school and pay for their kids’ lunches, and they deserve to have food for the entirety of the school year.

And lunch is important. Hungry kids can’t focus on their school work, and they may not learn as well if they’re more worried about their grumbling tummies than what their teacher is saying. Many families would be able to send their kids to school with packed lunches, but maybe not all, and it’s important for schools to make sure every child gets a nutritious lunch.

But we suppose that’s neither here nor there now that some generous soul has come forward to make sure Immanuel’s kids get their fill.

Thanks again, whoever you are, for coming to save the day.


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