ACC esports a good thing

A school best serves its students when it gives those students a way to engage with and take pride in the school, because engaged students care more about school and tend to learn better and perform better academically.

But how to engage students?

You have to offer students a chance to connect with something they care about. You can’t force anyone to care about something they don’t, so you have to offer a wide variety of programs to attract the interests of a wide variety of students.

Alpena Community College has done just that with a new esports team.

Esports essentially means competing in video games.

According to a recent story by News staff writer Temi Fadayomi, ACC competes in the National Junior Community College League and team members play games such as “League of Legends,” “Call of Duty: Warzone,” “Fortnite,” and “Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate.” About 10 students have expressed interest in the team.

The college first fielded an esports team in 2019 but has revitalized the program with the hiring of a new esports coach, ACC alumnus and former esports team member Nicholas McDonald.

Not every ACC student will want to play basketball or baseball. Some of those students who shy away from sports will instead find a way to connect to their school through the esports program.

We’re glad to see the college offer such a program, and we hope it continues long into the future.

Go Lumberjacks!



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