Today is culmination day

Some days are some daze.

We really enjoyed the feast that the Werdas and friends prepared for one and all on Thanksgiving at the Veterans of Foreign Wars hall.

I intended to write about it, but food puts me to sleep.

Next day, it was still on my mind, but then so was canning the cranberries.

Here’s the report from “Over the Hill”:

Thanksgiving morning, I roamed into the kitchen around 10 and hauled out the sack with eight 12-ounce bags of cranberries to process into cranberry sauce — or whatever I do to them. But, it being Thursday and me not being a union shop, I never got beyond hauling the canning equipment upstairs from the fruit cellar. When I hit the hay that night, it was still sitting where I left it on the counters and table.

She who is pushing 83 is acknowledging that she is not SUPERWOMAN. She is tired. She gets winded. She does not give a hoot. No one was free to come eat at the Kat-House Cafe, and so she purred to the Olde Marine that “maybe we might consider eating at the VFW?”

He being an enlightened one, agreed.

There were a couple of mind changes, but I kept my mouth shut and, as there was no sign of activity in the kitchen, he pronounced that “we should think about heading out to the post around 4 p.m.”

I acquiesced.

The Werda family has been “doing” Turkey Day at the VFW for around five years. They do the whole thing and they do themselves proud, BLESS THEM!

We went and relished the time interacting with all the others who were enjoying all the varieties of salads, pies, and more, in addition to the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal and just being with the crosssection of our town who shared the meal with us.

I saw a number of folks I knew from my various lives here in Thunder Bay Country: One dear lady from my volunteer days at St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store. Another a fellow who came home from Arizona but is heading back to the “warm.” And a range of other people.

Most have no one to share their day with. Many are in our situation: reluctant to work all day fixing all the stuff for the two of us or for only one.

Friday, the canning supplies greeted me when I drifted down around 9 a.m.

I hitched up my Gitchees and began the rituals. Put the glass jars in the dishwasher on glass express. What a positive change from washing and sticking ’em in the oven to keep warm!

Then get down to the nitty-gritty of making cranberry sauce. Being who I am, I multitasked.

Down to the basement and after snooping in the freezer, decide that I should can the tomatoes I had frozen last summer, too. The freezer was getting crowded. Back upstairs, I opened a desk drawer looking for something, and, when it didn’t jump out of the drawer, determined it was TIME to ORGANIZE the drawers.

Now, it just happens that directly behind my desk chair I have my mid-century modern Sears sewing machine open and stuff on it, pinned and waiting for my seeing-eye dog to thread the needle. I used the top to sort the contents of the drawers.

About the time I got a good start on sorting, I remembered that I had the burner on and the berries needed stirring! Um, the first batch will definitely be solid. Better luck next batch.

I wandered over to the cupboard and noticed this little half-pint jar of what once was a container full of red liquid that tasted like the cinnamon Red Hots candies we used to stick in baked apples.

Hmm, hardly anything left in the jar, and it’s thick and solid. Wonder if I added a tad of water and nuked it if it would return to liquid. It did not. But it did soften a bit, so I added another quarter-cup of water and stirred it into submission, then dumped it on top of batch number two of cranberries.

That time, I clock-watched and Batch Two will pour nicely into and out of the jars. I multitasked my way through a couple of drawers in the dining room buffet, thawed the frozen tomatoes, and managed to get a little screen time in on my computer.

Himself announced he was heading out the door to bingo. Wow! It’s 2 o’clock already?

The games don’t start until 6, but, like all bingo aficionados, it is Important to get YOUR SEAT at whatever bingo hall you are headed to. Once you have claimed your seat and set your tools down on the table, it is safe to depart to the parking lot, if weather permits, and read. Smoking regulations dictate actions.

Meanwhile, back at the kitchen, the cranberries were being processed through the assembly line and things were looking good!

I actually found time to check out my BLACK FRIDAY emails and clean out my inbox without Charter/Spectrum knocking me offline because I took too long. Good day.

It’s nearly bedtime, but that’s OK. All the jars of cranberries are lined up on their towel and I have no idea which ones have what in them. Opening them will prove to be a gustatory adventure. The tomatoes are blended with stuff and will make the next batch of chili or soup tastier. The kitchen is clean and I am warming my hands on the mug of tea I reheated in the microwave.

It’s been another fine Navy Day. No earthquakes, hurricanes, or tidal waves!

All’s well with my world. Now, to line up my list for Giving Tuesday!

And so to bed. Good Night.


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