How many Michiganders read newspapers?

Michigan has more miles of freshwater shoreline than any state in the nation, is the second-most agriculturally diverse state in the nation, and is home to more than 115 lighthouses and 5 million newspaper readers.



Every month, 85% of Michigan adults read newspapers’ print and online issues, according to a new Michigan Market Study conducted by Coda Ventures in partnership with Michigan Press Association Services. The study measures media usage and purchase behavior of Michigan adults across urban and rural zip codes.

The 5 million Michigan newspaper readers number might not come as a surprise to you. After all, you are reading a newspaper right now. You are in the majority of Michigan residents who value your newspaper’s local news and ads.

Who are those 5 million Michigan newspaper readers? Coda reports:

∫ 77% are younger than 65,

∫ 63% are homeowners,

∫ 91% believe they have a responsibility to shape the future of their communities,

∫ 91% vote in local elections, 82% vote in state and national elections,

∫ 80% believe newspaper advertising is important,

∫ 94% take action as a result of newspaper advertising,

∫ 62% use newspapers to decide which products to buy,

∫ 70% have lived in the community five or more years,

∫ 88% of the people believe that publishing public notices in newspapers should be required,

∫ 70% of the people plan to or did travel within Michigan in the past/next 12 months at least one time

Michiganders say they rely on local newspapers as their primary source of news and information about schools, local government, high school sports, local entertainment, candidates/ballot issues, crime and safety.

Michigan residents rely on newspapers for local advertising, too. Most — 94% — said they take action on newspaper ads.

Michigan’s lofty newspaper readership and action taken on newspaper ads is impressive. It makes sense that readers who vote want to learn about local elections, learn about the candidates running, and learn about local issues from a trustworthy local news source. Wise candidates and businesses buy ads in those same news pages, where 80% of its readers believe newspaper ads are important.

Michigan is home to approximately 220 newspapers. All but one of Michigan’s 83 counties have a newspaper. Most counties have multiple newspapers.

When a community lacks reporters as watchdogs, studies show that local government pays more for bond interest, voter turnout is lower, and partisanship increases.

Michigan’s 5 million newspaper readers could fill up Ford Field’s 65,000 seats 76 times and still have a waiting line. Picture 76 Ford Field Stadiums. That’s a lot of readers.

This week, many newspapers across the country will celebrate National Newspaper Week. If your subscription is due, help your local newspaper celebrate by renewing. If you own a business, help your local newspaper celebrate by purchasing an ad.

At the very least, reach out to the editor or publisher at your local newspaper and thank them for all they do in the community and for providing you with the most reliable source for local news and information.


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