Support for Weaver family admirable

Tragedies, in a strange way, often bring out the best in humans, and the Friday multi-vehicle crash in Delta County is a shining example.

An Escanaba couple, Gerald and Tara Weaver, were on their way to Sault Ste. Marie to watch their son play basketball when an oncoming semi-trailer crossed the center line on U.S. 2 and into their path, killing the couple.

A GoFundMe campaign at https://gofund.me/90155dd9, has been set up to help the Weavers’ kids, Noah, Lukas and Sophia.

The campaign write-up reads in part, “This fundraiser is to help support this family while they mourn the loss of their beloved parents. Your donations will help with costs of the funeral and to help ensure the kids have the comfort to stay in their own home, along with help for food, gas, college, etc.

Throughout the Upper Peninsula, people have been vocalizing their support for the family way beyond the usual “thoughts and prayers.” Numerous fundraisers have taken place or will take place, and First Bank of Escanaba indicated on Facebook that it will establish an endowment to help the family.

“Many Orange Outs” too have been planned to show support, with orange and black being the official colors of Escanaba Area Public Schools.

Although these events will help, nothing will make up for the three surviving kids having to grow up without their parents. Although they might be with their children in spirit, their tangible guidance is lost.

We express our sincere sympathy for the Weaver family and hope the entire Upper Peninsula community continues to keep them in their thoughts, lend them aid and hope, and help the kids recover from the tragedy — well into the future.

Such tragedies, unfortunately, stay with loved ones for a lifetime.


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