Cooler heads must prevail amid commission chaos

It concerned us greatly to read of the ongoing turmoil surrounding the Alcona County Commission on Aging.

What began last month as a discussion on how best to use a $12.5 million allotment from the state devolved into chaos over several days this week.

Rather than working together, the Commission on Aging board has been thrown into disarray after multiple board members resigned during a Tuesday meeting and Executive Director Lenny Avery was suspended without pay.

All the while, Alcona County residents are left wondering what may become of a proposed community hub and housing project. The county’s senior citizens are greatly in need of housing and amenities. Multiple plans have been discussed, but nothing has been finalized and the clock is ticking on using the money.

There’s little doubt the project is a matter that requires careful thought and discussion to make the best possible decision for Alcona County residents. Now is not the time for bickering between board members or focusing on personal agendas.

Cooler heads must prevail and leaders must do what they were elected to do: Lead.

The time for action is now and we hope that, moving forward, the board can properly work together to best serve Alcona County residents and get this project — in some form — off the ground.



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