Thanks for better lighting at bad intersection

The dangerous intersection at 3rd Avenue and Hobbs Drive just got a little less dangerous for schoolkids who walk to and from school every day.

That’s because the city’s electrical contractor has installed bright LED bulbs in the intersection’s two existing light posts – which previously offered only dim, yellow light – and plans to install a new, possibly two-headed light on the northeast corner of the intersection, Alpena City Engineer Steve Shultz said.

That light will go up when staff and equipment become available, Shultz said.

The change happened after The News reported that a vehicle struck a Thunder Bay Junior High School student in October, prompting city, township, and Alpena Public Schools officials to consider ways to improve safety at the intersection. The school district has discussed adding a crossing guard to the intersection.

That situation shows local government at its finest.

A situation happens that presents an obvious problem. Residents reach out to their elected officials for action and the local newspaper reports on the saga. Then government reacts and develops solutions to the problem.

We hope the lighting changes are just step one in what will be a handful of other changes to make the intersection safer for our students.

But we say thanks to the city for taking that step to protect our kids.


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