Organizing goals for the New Year

Happy New Year! It’s a year we can make some changes to what we are unsatisfied with. It’s a year to set realistic goals for ourselves. So, with this challenge today, you don’t even have to get out of your chair except to get a paper and pen, to set your own personal goals for 2022.

Here is your challenge: Set goals for yourself of what you are going to organize and declutter. Even very organized people have spaces to organize again and again. Start by mentally going through each room of your living space and writing down what you would like to do in each room. For example, in my family room I listed the games closet and some drawers. In my kitchen I plan to take everything out of each drawer and cupboard, and put back only what I use and enjoy. I received some nice Christmas gifts that I need to put away and donate my old.

Mentally do this for each room and make a list of where you would like to see improvements.

Next, put numbers by the items you would like to start with. You can have more than one “1” so you have some choices to make as to what you feel like doing. Maybe your #2 will be more challenging areas and #3 might be overwhelming areas that you don’t want to tackle right away.

Or, you can write in months and make goals for each month of the year. Do whatever it takes to get motivated.

Many of us can work alone and get the jobs done, but if you can’t or know it would be easier to do with someone else, ask for help. My clothes closet is not fun to tackle alone so I plan to do a Zoom call with a sister who lives out of state to help me. I am sure she will laugh at some of the clothes I’ve hung onto, but I can take it. I know my closet will feel so much better when that is accomplished. As I write, I am actually getting excited about getting this off my list. I hope you are getting motivated to start tackling areas that are frustrating to you.

I am a firm believer in lists. I have a “to do” list each day so that I can cross items off. It makes me feel like I have accomplished a lot in a day. You could add one of your goals to your daily list. Keep your “Goals” list in a prominent place so you can cross off each of your goals as they are finished. Maybe you will even be done by summer or maybe you will add to your list. Do whatever works for you. I hear all kinds of success stories from people that just needed a little push to get moving. I’m hoping after reading this, you will be making your own list and getting it done.

Happy New Year and happy decluttering and organizing! It feels so good when tasks are accomplished and we can cross them off our lists!

Doris Puls, of D & O Decluttering and Organizing, is a professional organizer whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of the people she works with in homes and businesses. Contact her at organizealpena@gmail.com or at 989-356-9545.


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