Republican still bangs the fraud drum

Former President Donald Trump has all 11 GOP candidates for governor right where he wants them, just dying — maybe even begging somehow — to get his endorsement in next year’s August primary.

Talk about a boost to the old ego.

Since a whole bunch of the voters in the Republican primary would do anything the Donald tells them to do, the GOP field knows that a blessing from Mr. Trump gives the recipient of that blessing a huge leg up in winning the right to face Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whimter in the general election in November 2022.

The only female candidate in the field, Tudor Dixon, of Grand Haven, is like everyone else. She would welcome the nod, but she may have taken herself out of the running.

Maybe you’ve read this, but Mr. Trump continues to aggressively assert, “I won in 2020,” and that the presidential election “was rigged and stolen.”

He keeps singing that tune, even though countless sources push back that he is not only off-key in his song, but he’s also dead wrong.

Given a chance to agree with Mr. Trump, Tudor did not.

Asked on “Off the Record” if she honors the election of President Joe Biden, without pausing to think about the implications of what she was about to say, she uttered: “I honor the certified results of the election (and) I honor anybody holding that seat.”

Poof on Trump’s blessing.

While some citizens will give her high marks for stating what many believe to be obvious, they may also question what she offered next.

She takes a dive into the deep end of the validity of the election pool and asserts that the election was tilted in favor of Biden in Michigan.

Taking direct aim at Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, candidate Tudor contends, “I think she ran the election in a way that was ripe for fraud.” Her “proof” is the fact that Benson unilaterally decided to mail out applications for an absentee ballot to millions of households.

And Tudor and countless others on her side contend that opened the door to “voting illegally,” as unscrupulous Democrats supposedly gobbled up all the unused requests for a ballot and somehow used them to cast votes for their party.

Now, Benson has defended her actions, saying she did not send the actual absentee ballots, but only the applications, and there was a failsafe system in place to catch would-be cheaters. Their signatures on the applications would have to match the signatures on file in each county clerk’s office. If they didn’t match, the ballots were not sent back.

End of story.

But Tudor said nothing about that in her answer, and doubled down on her attack.

She alleges that, not only did Benson do “something wrong,” she also deliberately helped to fix the election.

Asked if the SOS took premeditated action to tilt the election, Tudor said “the Democrats took advantage of COVID, and it was premeditated. Absolutely; 100%.”

Take that, Madam Secretary.

When reminded that a recent state Senate report — on which three Republicans signed off — concluded that the election was not rigged or stolen, but there were areas where “reforms” were needed, Tudor continued to bang the fraud drum, claiming there was “some fraud.”

So, for some, she gets style points with Trump for suggesting not everything was on the up-and-up, but not so bad that Biden did not deserve to win.

Hence, she “honors the certified results of the election” and leaves little doubt that she and her would-be endorser don’t agree on that, since Trump will never utter those same words.



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