Educate yourself on voting procedures

Lawmakers in several states, including Michigan, have implemented or introduced a host of new measures that would change the way voters cast ballots and ballots get counted.

Citing the Brennan Center for Justice, the Washington Post said recently that lawmakers had introduced nearly 400 bills affecting voting in 48 states. Democrats in Congress also have proposed federal changes to voting law.

Most of those laws and bills would limit access to voting, with proponents arguing the controversial 2020 presidential race showed the need for more election rules, but some would expand access.

We won’t get into the merits of those proposals, here, but we will say the proposals make it more important than ever — and it’s always been important — for voters to educate themselves on the requirements and procedures they need to follow to make sure they can submit a ballot and have that ballot counted.

A cop on the street is always right, the old saying goes. The same holds true for voting: You can challenge the rules all you want, but, on Election Day, you have to follow the rules in place at the time.

So, if you feel it’s necessary, write to your lawmakers to tell them how you feel about the proposed laws in Michigan and Washington. Join a court challenge or other organized effort to combat the new rules.

But, at the same time, make sure you understand the rules on Election Day so your vote counts. You can find information in The News as Election Day nears, from your local clerk, at Michigan.gov/vote, or at vote411.org.


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