An act of kindness on Memorial Day

After a day of fishing and hiking my wife and I went to Applebees for a burger. I was a Marine in Vietnam and on Memorial Day wore my eagle, globe and anchor cap. I was a bit confused and asked about a Veterans discount for our meal. I was informed that was done but only on Veterans Day and I recalled that was indeed the case.

As is our habit, my wife asked to split a burger and fries. Our attire reflected our outdoor activities, we were not dressed well. Near us was a family of a mother, father and three small children. The Father and kids left and his wife remained to pay their bill. As she left, she thanked me for my service and I in return thanked her.

I left our table briefly and returned to find our bill was missing. My wife told me someone had bought our dinner. Our waitress then told us it was the woman who spoke to me. I am hoping she reads this thank you for her thoughtfulness and act of kindness.

I did not not have an easy time in Vietnam as I was with an infantry company and on these holidays I think of those who never came back. In these times of people often not being kind to each other, we occasionally come in contact with one of our better angels and it was our privilege to have met one on this Memorial Day in Alpena, Michigan.




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